Speaking about exotic Lilies - a new online Lily seller...

alina_1April 16, 2010

I just discovered a new online seller. The site has a little confusing navigation IMO, but the selection is amazing - new bi-color hybrids and double Orientals just blew me away. Check this out:

Bi-color Asiatics

Double Orientals

They also have some nice Orienpets and LO.

Since I did not find any information about when they ship the bulbs and whether the bulbs are pre-cooled, I sent them an email.

I got a prompt response. It turned out that this site is operated by a famous Holland grower (Zabo Plants). I had their Holland site bookmarked long time ago as an excellent reference site with lots of pictures.

Although I thought I did not need more Lilies, I just placed my order. :) Could not resist...

I am not affiliated with any seller. I just think that this info might be interesting for Lily addicts :)

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