Transplanting Asiatic Lilies

jennyzone5(6)April 20, 2014

I've sold my house and will be moving in a few weeks. My buyer has only seen the place when it was too cold for any of my perennials to start coming back. I'm not going to go crazy and start digging everything up, but every Spring since I've been here I added to my Asiatic lilies and I'd like to take at least some of them with me. Several varieties were needing to be divided anyways. Some of them are just now starting to peek out of the beds but most are still dormant from what I can tell. What is the best way for me to transplant them while doing as little damage as possible? Should I do it now while they have little to no growth or wait until they are all coming out of the ground?

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Since you know kind of where they are, including the ones that are peeking out, it's OK to get to them now. Just be careful digging as you now have not only the bulbs to be careful about, but also any growth that is still underground that can't be seen.

After doing that, I would mulch the area. That will hide the digging and also make the new owner think he got some nice mulched area also. You can leave him some surprises, though...maybe some inexpensive seeds of some annual or perennial plant to make up for taking the lilies.

To me, it's always fun to see what plants come up at a new house. Who knows, we might see your new owner coming here to help identify some plants.

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I have transplanted many lily around this time of year, most of the time turned out well. some hints i'd recommend are to make sure you dig wider and deeper than you expect. my asiatic's are prolific so whenever they had to be moved, it was easy to leave some behind for the new owners.

i also love finding out what plants are at a new place. i've found a lot of treasures

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