Dug Up Crowded Bulbs In Pot

parad0x(Z7 Philadelphia)April 3, 2008

I had planted 3 'Touching' lily bulbs in a small pot 2 years ago. They bloomed then, and again last year...but were severely overcrowded by their baby bulbs. Just to gain some experience and try it...I emptied out the pot and began pulling off the potting soil, and as gently as I could tried to pry apart the baby bulbs from the larger ones. How durable are they at this point? I tried to be careful, but I know I ripped off some scales etc.

Also, what should I do w/the bulbs now that I've dug them up? I threw em in a pot of old dried out potting soil/dry almost finished compost to keep em dormant, or so was my idea, until I have the time, and find a place where I can plant them in the ground.


Todd In Philly

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Lilies never go completely dormant. Your old soil will preserve them a little bit, but at this time of the year I would plant them ASAP. If your bulbs are severely damaged after dividing, dust wounds with some antifungal powder. You can find it in any garden center.

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