My First Peace Lily!

Sundewd(9B)April 18, 2014

Been wanting one but for the longest time all I saw were huge ones I don't have room for. Then the other day I found this manageable sized one for like $3.50.

Was wondering if anyone had tips on cultivation? Seems like its easy, I don't give it much light, mostly indirect shade and keep the soil moist from what I have read. I like the fact I can have a bloom nearly every day. :)

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it's a beautiful flower! but i think this thread is discussing species lily.

"Certain species of Spathiphyllum are commonly known as Spath or Peace Lilies."

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I'm not the first to make a Peace Lily thread, but there isn't one available for these plants so this is the best forum match as far as I can tell... idk what you would refer to a Spath being botanically.

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Spathyfillum is in the family Araceae as opposed to Lilium. House plants would be the forum, but what you have is an easy to care for nice looking plant.

It'll sag a bit when it needs water. Likes medium, indirect light - leaves will yellow with too much light. It'll get a little ragged when it needs a bigger pot and has displaced all the potting medium. I've had one for years that I've never fertilized and kept in too much light in an East window. Showing a bit of stress now, but I snip off the yellow leaves.

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I just got one too, not only are they pretty but I read they also help remove pollutants from the air.

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Is this normal or would it need any help!

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