splitting lillies

gemdanApril 21, 2014

I gave looked at previously info but that info was for USA, but I would like some info for uk

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caldonbeck(UK (8))

What is the question @gemdan? - if it's just a case of splitting, that's easy. Wait until November, or when they have gone completely dormant at back end. Then, dig down as deep as you can with a fork, assuming your bulbs are six inches down, a good fork will go lower than this, and go at it like you are lifting potatoes. Once you've done that, get them all lined up, split any bulbs with two stems, simply by pulling gently apart, sort bulblets that are big enoug to plant with the main group and put those with the bigger bulbs. The smaller ones, one and two year old bulblets, put to one side to place in a nursery bed or give away if there are too many. Then, dig over the patch where they are going back to, plenty of organic matter, then replant at whatever spacing you choose. If they are longiflorum asiatics, those seem to spread like mad so give them more room.

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good advice! i will split them in the spring if i am forced to

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