Something is tearing my plants apart

no_regrets(SoCal Sunset 23)May 2, 2007

I think it's the raven that I keep seeing hang around. I have 3 different kinds of bush beans planted and every time they get a few leaves, something comes along and tears the entire little branch off. Doesn't eat it, just tears it off and leaves it there as if to mock me. Then I have to replant a bean in its place and at this point I have more replanted beans than not :-(

I'm going to have to figure out a way to net these off somehow. Are ravens known to do stuff like this?

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bella_trix(z6b SE PA)

I'm in PA now (I miss the California ravens), but my mother told me this year that I absolutely must cover my bean seedlings until they have multiple leaves. At her house, the birds pull the sprouting bean seedlings out and eat off the bean part. Look at the left behind/ripped up bean seedlings and see if the lowest, bean shaped "leaves" are missing. My mom covers her beans with the white floating row covers for a bit before and after they sprout. I used the see through fabric (tulle?) that you use to make skirt ruffles on ballerina skirts (among other things). With a raven, I'd use the white row covers (called remay, too) and secure it down with heavy rocks/bricks.

May you have bean seedlings soon!

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Bella---That's such good advise. I cover my beans, too, here on the southern Or coast. We have always had lots of ravens around in the fields and down by the stream, but the last couple of years some have moved into the yard. Especially One raven. He/she comes each evening and inspects everything that happened in his/her yard that day. Goes to the bird baths and washes and eats things it flew in with. Never knew they did that. Then makes a tour around the garden and yard. Last summer the parents brought three young ones each day to play, and I mean play, around in the yard. I got great laughs from their antics. Hope they do that again this summer. They are wonderful to watch but you DO have to protect veggies----beans and corn especially---until they are high enough so they leave them alone.

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