Easter Lily

wert9wert(z10FL)April 20, 2006

Hi everyone, I have an Easter Lily left over from the holidays and would like to have it grow again next year. I'm in zone 10...south Florida. Any suggestions?

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Hi wert9wert,
I also have a leftover Easter lily. I've read different things on the net about how to keep them going. One source said full sun and another said part sun to shade. I know they prefer a rich well drained soil. I hope someone comes along here with some more information for us. In the meantime, I put mine outside where it gets morning shade and late afternoon sun. It is still in its original pot but I removed the decorative wrap from the pot for drainage and keep it moist. It appears happy and the buds are still opening up.

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grumpygardenguy(7 northern AL)

they are easy, just find a spot partial to fun sun, either or, my tallest most productive one is in partial. Just dig a hole a bit bigger then the size of the pot its in, add a few more nutricious bits of compost and potting around it's present soil and root ball straight from the pot. just plant it flush with the ground at same level as in pot, then water in well since it's still blooming. some would say wait till after bloom, but putting it in complete from pot it should be just fine. If you took the original dirt from the pot and rearanged the root ball at all then, you should wait till after blooming. With using the complete contents as it is in the pot, the plant wont really know its been moved, all thats different is it has good soil around it now instead of plastic.

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Thanks for the information, grumpy. Since I am in zone 10, will it be a perennial down here, or will it die back to the ground in winter and come back up in the spring, as my caladiums do?

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Mine die back in winter, but I'm in zone 8b. Mine have multiplied very quickly, so I would space them out quite a bit. I started with 2 blooming size plants 2 years ago. Now I have over 30 - 7 of these have buds. Mine are in filtered sun under oak trees. I don't do anything special except sprinkle a little granular bulb fertilizer in fall and spring.

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grumpygardenguy(7 northern AL)

they die back no mater where you are, as that is what feeds the bulb for following year. They are still perennials, as most all die back that are bulb or tuber or rhizomes or just basic like hostas or gerbera daisies. a plant doesn't have to live continuously to be a perennial, just come back year after year. The grey area is those that are annuals in the north and perennials in the south like snapdragons, 4 o'clocks, etc... the ground in say Wisconsin freezes over all winter and the roots of snaps cant handle it, nor can tubers of the 4's. so, a 4 and snap can only come back in Wisconsin by seeding. In your area snaps can live continuously year after year, as they do here. 4 o'clocks here die back, not sure about in west palm where it never goes below say 40 or so at night. to me true annuals are those that can't come back from crown or roots or what have you, no mater where they are geographically.

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Hi, I am not too far from you, I'm in 9b. I had an Easter lily after the holiday as well, so I just planted it straight into the ground. Lowe's had them for $1 each after Easter, so I bought 4 more and planted them as well. They have finished blooming but they appear quite happy where I planted them. They get shade in the morning and afternoon sun. Good luck!


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Hey Margot - I didn't get any Easter lilies, but when I went to Lowes after Easter they had them for $1 each, so I bought ten and planted them among the ginger. Hope to have lots of blooms next year.


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I planted two easter lily plants purchased for Easter over two months ago. At first, the flowers were big and healthy looking, but later fell off the plant. Now the plants look stunted and, though they are alive, they don't appear to be flourishing like other flowering plants in my garden. Any advice? I water frequently and use Miracle Grow fertilizer weekly.

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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

Your plants are following their natural cycle. The plant itself will gradually turn brown and "die." Actually, the bulb is absorbing nutrients from the green plant.

Your Easter lilies will return next spring. They should bloom again next year.

Don't be surprised if you have many more Easter lilies next year than you planted this year. I planted 6 last year just after the blooms fell off. I had over 20 come up this year. (I don't know if this is normal or if I was just extremely lucky.)

Mine bloomed profusely this year. The blooms have recently fallen off. I will probably need to dig and separate this fall. They are crowding my other lilies.

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