Tiger Lillys

edspanglerApril 2, 2013

OK, Third and final attempt at posting questions about Tiger Lillys.
I will be receiving several Tiger Lilly Bulbs soon, plan is to plant them in an old washtub,I will drill holes in the bottom for drainage. I will also add a thin layer of gravel in bottom, after that will fill with Miracle gro " Moisture Control" soil.
So.....my question is after they are in the washtub....
When, How,what do I feed them??
Any special sprays / powders to use to avoid disease, fungus etc?? Please respond by email so I can print and use advice

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Tiger Lillies are "indestructible". Last fall I knew I was selling my house and pulled several young bulbs from the patch and put them in a pot of dirt on the north side of the house. A couple weeks ago I went to move them to the new place and the pot had been turned over sometime in the winter and the bulbs were bare on top of the ground and starting to sprout!

I don't know of anything that eats them besides deer. In all my years I've never had to spray for pests.

As for feed, don't get too excited their either. Just work some compost in the soil and that is enough.

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They multiply fast, so give them some room!

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Tiger lilies can get red lily beetles. If you haven't had any lilies in your area before it is unlikely they will be around. But do keep a watch out for them. They will arrive, lay their eggs and the larva will eat your lilies up.
Last year was the first bad infestation I had and for some reason they were in an old patch of tiger lilies the worst. I guess that's better than in my good hybrids but I know they will find them too!

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Growing things in a container - like an old washtub - is NOT the same as growing things in the ground. First, you need to make sure you have excellent drainage - above all else, bulbs (including lily bulbs) require excellent drainage. That means lots of drainage holes in the base of the tub, NO gravel (this impedes rather aids drainage) and the MG moisture control potting soil would not be my first choice. Too fine a texture and holds way too much moisture. You want something with a much coarser, barkier texture.

Plants grown in a container using a soil-less potting mix do not have access to normal soil nutrients - the grower must provide everything! I like to use a slow release fertilizer like Osmocote when first potting up and supplement with any kind of liquid (fish emulsion, MG, Schultz, etc) during the growing season.

Don't use compost in the container. It is too heavy and too dense in texture also and will not provide sufficient nutrient value.

And we are talking about Lillium lancifolium (syn. tigrinium) here, are we not, and not what are also called ditch lilies, Hemerocallis fulva?

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