Asparagus Bean (Yard Long) Taste

susancol(7 Atlanta)May 28, 2008

I LOVE Asparagus. I HATE Green beans and most snap beans. It's not a texture thing, though, so I wonder, would I like Asparagus beans? Do they taste more like asparagus or snap beans? Obviously, I'll have to try some to find out. But which variety has the most asparagus taste?

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Asparagus beans don't taste at all like asparagus. I'm not quite sure how they got that name. Most who complain about them, however, seem to complain that they don't taste enough like the snap beans they love. I'm not sure what to tell you. I like them both.


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

There is considerable difference in taste between long bean varieties... which is why I prefer to call them "yardlongs", or long beans, rather than asparagus beans. Only one variety that I grow really tastes like asparagus.

That variety is a black-seeded, dark green podded variety that I obtained through a friend 10 years ago. She thought she had obtained it from Jung's in the early 90's; it may be "Liana", or something very similar. It really does taste like asparagus when lightly cooked. It is also the earliest & most prolific of my yardlongs.

I remember the "asparagus bean" being listed in seed catalogs when I was young... I won't say how long ago that was. ;-) That particular variety was probably named for its taste, at a time when other cultivars were not available. Now, when many other long beans are available, "asparagus" still stuck.

Other yardlongs have a nutty flavor, some are slightly sweet, others very mild. I even have one that looks & tastes much like a snap bean... except it is over two feet long.

Yardlongs have a delicate flavor & texture, and can be easily overcooked. To get the best flavor, they should be lightly stir-fried, or boiled for 3 minutes. Remove them from heat at that time.

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