How to hand-pollinate Scarlet Runner Beans?

brooklyn_babylonMay 30, 2010

Hi All - My garden is on a 15th floor balcony. I just moved into the space and It didn't occur to me when planting that we don't get very many pollinators this high up! Is it possible to hand-pollinate my Scarlet Runner Beans? If so, how?

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They are self pollinating.They can be hand pollinated too.Pick up one flower and rub it face to face with rest of the flowers.These flowers are really eye catching beauties.

I am posting a pic.of Scarlet runner bean with beautiful flower from my file.

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There was a previous thread on this. The link is below. - Dick

Here is a link that might be useful: Runner bean pollination

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Thanks for the responses! I read the previous thread and it only suggests using bees, not how you can do it by hand without insect pollinators. I'll try rubbing them face-to-face like chaman mentions, but am still open to suggestions.

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