Please help me kill this Little Shop of Horrors Beast!

jennyzone5(6)April 14, 2013

I purchased my home in 2008. Since then I have waged a constant war with the prior owner's planting choices. Most notably a huge orange ditch lily that refuses to die. I have tried every thing imaginable to get rid of it but I swear every year it comes back bigger than the year before! I have given up trying to dig it out after finding that any root piece left behind becomes a new plant. Last weekend I did the following:

1) Sprayed Round Up on every single shoot and piece I could find after cutting it. Waited 2 hours and repeated application.
2) Put 2 layers of garbage bags on top to smother it and keep light out.
3) Put half a box of leftover Porcelain tile on top of the garbage bags to further smother.
4) Prayed.

It's growing, and though it hasn't gone through the bags, it's several raised places high enough to cause the tile to move!! Short of setting it on fire - which I would do if it wasn't right next to he house - what else can I do to destroy this monstrosity?

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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

Daylilies are not the same as lilies so the folks in the daylily forum might be able to help more but I have battled the same problem for some time. At first I shoveled out the entire bed and the top 3-4 inches of soil (terrible to do in clay soil). Then I just took to taking pieces out as it came up. This spring it looks like I only have two coming u in a whole 25 feet area. Thank goodness. Unfortunately I never had much luck with the roundup. I would suggest asking the daylily forum if anyone has a quicker method.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I've found that using a garden fork when digging them up leaves fewer bits behind to regrow. You're more likely to chop off bits of crown and leave them behind when using a shovel to dig them out. If you really prefer using a shovel than use a tiling spade or transplant shovel with a long blade.

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Round up works when the temps are over 50 F. The plants must be actively growing when sprayed. I am in Zone 5 and it has not been warm enough until today to even think of spraying round up. After spraying it takes several days for plants to die. A second application a few days or a week later might help but not 2 hours later. I would think cutting before spraying delays the plants and thus the uptake of the spray.
Daylilies are very tough and that is why they are so popular-hybrids not the ditch lilies. When I need to get rid of a bed full of seedlings I round up it twice about a week apart and then rototill it several times and then rake up all of plants I can see on the surface. Some still manage to grow the next year.
Good luck. And yes-ditch lilies are daylilies not true lilies like this forum is for.

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