MH/HPS Area Coverage Question

brkieffner(5B)March 8, 2013

I've looked up the area coverages pretty thoroughly and it's suggested that a 400W MH/HPS light will sufficiently cover a 4'X4' main growing area.

My question is if I use a 1000W MH/HPS in the same growing area that will be enclosed, will that be a detriment or advantage to my plants?

Thanks for all suggestions.

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I would not do it - 1000w halide has short life, and loses brightness very quickly - 600w HPS though is an excellent choice, especially with reflectorized lamp - or the venture 575W pulse start halide - the 575w psmh runs 575 watts but is the equivalent of 2 of the 400w you mentioned. The lamp is designed for sporting football field baseball diamond illumination etc., but works fantastic for growing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Venture makes super good lamps for growing

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