Which lilies NOT up yet in Zone 5?

linnea56(z5 IL)April 23, 2008

Are there any lilies that are NOT up yet in Zone 5? I am NW of Chicago. So far I have accounted for some if not all the asiatics (2 years and older), which are about 3", some orientals (also older) and a species, Black Beauty, also 3 inches. Even the asiatics planted last spring are up an inch. The ones IÂm not sure about are an Orienpet Lily, Honeymoon, the Stargazers, and some pixie lilies. So does anyone know if these emerge late? I have some new ones to plant and donÂt want to kill anything.

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hld6(z7 MD)

My Stargazers aren't up much yet and I'm in zone 7. The later orientals take their time coming up.

When I cut back my lilies in the Fall I leave about 6" of the stem (no leaves). This acts as a plant marker for the next spring. If not, (or the plant is too small for that) I use real plant markers. In the winter it looks like I'm "growing" white plastic in my garden! While the winter time aesthetics leave something to be desired, if I didn't, I'd be chopping up bulbs left and right in my garden.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Forgot to list above that there was also no sign of dwarf oriental "Garden Party". That was planted in late April/very early May last year and barely grew, so I more or less wrote it off.

I have left a stem too but sometimes it breaks off.

I have put plant markers out every year, both wood and plastic. By spring 80% of them are gone. I used to blame it on DH and his eager spring raking, but this year I did the raking myself so I know now that something is taking them. It could be birds, or some other animal.

Someday I will run across a local beaver dam (there is at least one within a mile) and find it bristling with my white plastic plant markers. I keep meaning to buy the metal ones but IÂm not sure I like the look of them.

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