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itzybitzy_gw(7NC)April 5, 2011

Newbie here help!,just wondering if should I plant my lilies(Asiatic tasmania and quinta orange)in the full sun or partially shaded garden,also the bulbs have a sprout stem about 3 0r 4 inches long with white "leaves" on them do I bury t the stem as well or just the bulb?

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Full sun is preferred but part shade is OK. Plant the bulbs as deep as recommended - a rough rule of thumb is 2x the diameter of the bulb or 3-4" for small bulbs, 4-6" or more for larger bulbs. Some of the "stem" (actually just the emerging bulb 'shoot') may be under the soil but this is not a concern and proper planting depth is the overriding issue. And make sure they are located in very well-draining soil.

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Got it,thanks Gardengal48

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