Frozen lilies

gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)April 18, 2007

We had an unusually warm March, so everything was up and growing prematurely. Then in early April, we had temps down in the teens, so all the plants got nailed. I had lilies that were up a few inches, and they now have deformed tops, although they've resumed growing since the weather has warmed back up.

Does anyone know if the damaged tops will keep them from blooming this year?


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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Deanna,

It depends on "How damaged?". If the shoots were damaged down to the center of the nascent leaves, where the buds would be forming, then you won't get a bloom this season. If not, then as these leaves grow out they'll look freezer burned, but you should get additional leaves and buds. From your description it sounds like you might get lucky.

Leave your bulbs alone for a while. If they get any reasonable looking leaves (even without buds) let them grow over the summer to strengthen the bulbs for next year.


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What Helen said is true. We always seem to have a warm spell that gets everything up, and then a freeze. I have had lilies freeze just like yours did. I have always had some blooms from them, but the blooming is not as much as if they had not been frozen. If they are not blooming, fill in with some perennials for this year and let the lilies grow and build for next year.

Here in Denver we have had a very early spring. My lilies were up when we had a cold weekend. I covered them, even though I hate having to do that!! We were supposed to have some very cold temps last weekend, and we were out of town. Figured my lilies would be frosted, but the storm went south and we did not get that cold. My lilies are looking really great. Many are now second year and are coming in very strong. I have more on order, so will have a very nice lily bed soon.


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This happens to me every year up here in zone 4 , feed them and let them go , they'll be fine , it's patients that creates the bed! ;)

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