I give up ! I'm buying Grow Lights!!

stonato(z6a - Toronto)March 13, 2005

I wos hoping to get some help once and for all on this topic. I've gotten to the point where I'm considering returning all my bulbs and springing for the 'grow lights'.

Over the last couple weeks, many of you have been incredibly helpful in assisting me with my first grow light set-up...however, as you can imagine I've received alot of conflicting information regarding best types of lights. I'm hoping to gain some clarity.

Basically I have a 4 bulb fixture and six bulbs to chose from. Two 40 watt Philips Daylight Deluxe (6500K @ 2300 lumens) Two 40 watt Philips Warm (3000K @ 3300 lumens) and Two 40 watt Sylvania Design 50 (5000K @ 2300 lumes).

I'm growing mostly hot peppers and tomatos with a few flowers. Out of these 6 bulbs, which 4 would you chose?

Thank you to anybody who can put this to rest...so I can sleep at night knowing my babies are well.


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hydrangea2(5b Ontario 4bUS)


I was at Canada Blooms today and spoke to the gentleman from Floralights. I asked him if the Philips Sunshine at 5000k full spectrums were good and he said yes and this was a man who of course wanted to sell me his floralight ones. THese are about $9 at HD. Light blue package.

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I used to grow under Daylight deluxe and cool white. Worked well enough, but would probably work better for your application than mine(terrarium vs. seed starting).


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

You probably know my opinion already :)

For seedlings, any combination of those bulbs would be OK. I've grown under just warm whites, just daylights (regular triphosphor daylights, nothing fancy), and under a mix. I couldn't tell the difference.

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amypepsi2(z 5 ohio)

I use Plant Aquarium lights. Most Home improvement & Garden centers have these lights around the time it is time to start the Seeds.

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groman(z7 Tn)

Hi don't throw your money away buy cheaper bulbs they work as good as grow lites and if you are only growing seedlings and not planing on fully maturing your plants,cool white or any of the others are fine just keepum close and watch for burning and most important be able to move lights easily, up and down without accidents.If you are shooting for full grown plants then by all means use High Pressure Sodium(4'x4'-5'x5'sq' area $100.00 to 175.00 400watt)this is high but it will do the job and if you are indoors and heat is a problem I have devised a method which uses hurricane chimney with a fan attached to force the heat generated from the bulb out of the grow room and also let's you get the light closer.Interested in this venture let me know and I will teach how to's.

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stonato(z6a - Toronto)

Thanks for all your help. I think I'm stressing too much. Will stick with 2 cool and 2 warm.


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just read about a new bulb
agrosun MH
supose to be the only bulb you need
for growing or blooming
any one with expierence on this one

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jwmeyer(Z8 OR)

Dutch, go here before you buy....

Here is a link that might be useful: CMH

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groman(z7 Tn)

Check this

Here is a link that might be useful: LED Grow Lights

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

I've found that for the most part, plants under grow lights need more light than you think they do.

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