start tomato's undoors to set out in the garden.

derek-growMarch 26, 2009

i have 12 tomato plants that i'm starting inside and plan on setting them out in my garden. i have them under a 400 watt hps and a 400 watt mh. it'll be about a month or so before i'll be planting my garden. i have the ground plowed up already. my ground has nice rich dark soil. i entend to put a few bags of perlite and vermaculite on it before i till it all up. i'm also going to put some 10-10-10 and lime on it before tilling. that way i can work it all up in there really good.

my question is when i set them out in the garden do i need to get the plants use to the sun or will they be good to go? i know i have had some plants sunburn and die before, and i don't want that happening to these. i have alot of different plants that nobody else will have around here. i grew some inside this year and they were great. i can't wait to see how they do outside this time!!!!

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Yes, you gradually need to introduce them to both the sun and wind. At this of the year in Cincy, I can leave them on the front porch all day but the sun is not that strong and the house helps slow down the wind a bit. Just keep an eye on yours and if they start to wilt, put them in the shade.


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i now have 36 tomato plants and they are doing great. i left them outside on my front porch. they get early morning and stay in the sun till around 3:00pm. they are growing well. i will be planting them as soon as the cold spell here in kentucky breaks!! they've been outside for almost a week now. they are almost a foot tall now and have nice thick stems.

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