Pea questions

perrynewbeginingMay 8, 2012

Last years peas were a bush variety that did not stand on their own. We decided to go with Green Arrow this year as a result of positive feedback on this variety. They are 7"-9" tall now, and I gave up on waiting for them to stand on their own, and ran a few rows of line this morning for them to cling to. We have no clue what we are doing wrong. The plants look good, and are growing well, just not growing UP like they should. They were attaching themselves to the plants on either side, as well as the mulch at their base. Perhaps I jumped the gun and should have given them a chance to establish a firm foundation first? I still have a 60' row that is a few weeks behind the one I worked on this morning. I think I'll leave 4'-5' feet alone and see what it does. This is driving us crazy!

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

The peas should be trellised somehow. I use generic tomato cages, thin bamboo poles or thin branches cut from trees or a combination.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

"Green Arrow" is a great pea. When I last grew it, I planted a double row & just let them sprawl. The vines were manageable, and produced a great crop. My only problem was blackbirds, which seemed to know what peas were & began pecking the pods open just when the peas were ripening.

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concur with zeedman

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

If you live in a damp sluggy/snaily climate it is always best support peas. Any on the ground will get splashed with mud and chewed by gastropods.

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Thanks for the replies. I left a section without the support just to see what happens. Sounds like I hit the panic button too soon. It just started looking like last year so.... Great day here. Sunny, mid seventies and a light breeze. The BF and I planted 4 different types of sunflowers, each corner of the garden has a different type. Also planted about 60' of pole beans and and some Big Mama limas that are supposed to climb to 10'. All in all, an excellent day!

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Never figured out what we did, or did not do, but once they were tied to the horizontal lines we ran, all was well. The average height was about 36". They put out more peas than we were expecting, and would likely have produced more if the temps had not been close to a 100F for the last week! We are open to suggestions for a climbing variety next year, but were very pleased with the overall performance of the Green Arrows.

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why are my purple hull peas not filling out?

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wertach zone 7-B SC

easttexasmom4, It would be better if you started a separate thread. You'll get more answers.

This one is about green peas, and most folks won't pay attention since it is past the season for most of us.

Plus, when you make the new post we need a little more info! :) Like how long have they had pods, what kind of weather are you having, ETC.

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