please help me with bean yield question

goodwithweedsMay 24, 2008

Hi. I am a LONG time landscape & flower gardener, but have just started to develop a small vegetable garden over the past couple of years. This year I am adding my first pole beans. My question is, what kind of yield can I expect on a trellis that is 10' long x 7' high? My goal is to have beans for pickin' and eatin', not preserving. I have no idea if they will be coming out of my ears or if that's not nearly enough space. Can you help me?

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jimster(z7a MA)

I can answer that question in the general terms it was asked. That amount of beans is more than "not nearly enough" but less than "coming out your ears". It will depend on what kind of beans you grow, but I would say that is a nice amount for a first attempt at pole beans. Maybe someone else can be more precise.


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It depends on the type of bean. You could have them coming out your ears or not nearly enough space. It also depends on the number of people in your family. It also depends on the weather and soil. Plant them and you will have a better idea for next season.

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Thank you! Trial and error it is. I just wanted a feel for what to expect, and you gave me a general idea. There is just my hubby and me (kids are grown) to enjoy the beans. I didn't realize that there were so many variables between types of beans. I'm searching this site to learn more. Love it.

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Last year I planted Blue Lake pole beans. It was the first time I planted pole beans. Seven seeds. I don't remember if they all germinated, but even if they didn't we had a LOT of beans. We're four people and couldn't eat them all. Warning, though: if you are in an area with Japanese beetles, they loved my pole beans. They only went for the leaves as far as I could tell. I went out to the garden every day (sometimes several times/day if I was bored) and knocked them into a bucket of soapy water. Sometimes over 100/day, expecially if my husband was out there with me getting the ones up high. It did not affect the beans but I just hate those beetles. Maybe the beans would be a good trap crop?

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Out of your years is the correct answer, if your soil is right (no fertilization needed, just good drainage and no allium nearby, water well during blooming). OTOH, I am one of those who prefer to eat string, filet, or snap beans every day in the summer, I plant about 7X15 and give away a lot, so let me give you some advice.

Plant some early and some late varieties. Early, I am very fond of the flat, white seeded romano types, which become stringy quickly, but picked in their prime (and daily) have unsurpassed flavor and texture, and they really come 3 weeks before the rest. Main season, you have a ton of choices, but besides the Blue Lake types the violet types start early and have a very long season. Late, and also if you want beauty, runner beans may be a good choice.

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