Bean problems

Imapepper(zone 8)May 28, 2014

Thanks for your responses. The package, which came from Walmart, didn't say if they were self pollinating or not and I can't remember the name of them. I'm not very organized am I ; ) Oh well guess I'll try replanting. Another question. If the package doesn't say whether they are self-pollinating or not how can I tell?

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Insect pollinated beans are rare, so the only possibilty from a Wal-mart seed rack is Scarlet Runner, which has very showy red blossoms.. They don't like heat at all. Common beans are not very showy but all are self pollinating. Pole beans don't set well at temps approaching 100 degrees.but I can usuall get an early crop in June and a second crop in September -October.

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Imapepper(zone 8)

Seems none of the problems you mentioned are my problems. Bell peppers planted in front of them are doing great. I may never know the answer, but I do appreciate your reply. It's only in the last couple of weeks that our temps have gotten in the 80's.

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Most bean species are self pollinating. Most forms of (if not all) scarlet runner beans (phaseolus coccineus) are not self polinating, so they require insects. If it's not a runner bean from the above species, it's likely self polinated.

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Imapepper(zone 8)

Thank you. The blossoms are white so must not Scarlet Runners. I may never know the problem. Do wish I'd saved the package so I won't buy them again. Guess even at 81 years old there's still lots to learn. Always heard our mistakes teach us more than our successes.

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Imapepper(zone 8)

I've got beans! They were hidden in the lush, beautiful, green vines. Picked enough for 3 servings. Guess I was too impatient, but the package said 65 days to maturity. Waited that long and found nothing. Thanks, all of you for your responses. We're finally getting some rain after a long drought here. Maybe this will help all us in this area, and my beans.

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Nice to know. Beans can hide on the plant.. Last year my lima beans were thick with foliage and I didnt see any beans at all.. All of a sudden during a weeks span, I notced that I had a bunch of beans about 5-6". It's like magic how well some bean plants can hide their pods..

Can you believe I've even missed a couple of bowling ball sized squash last year? I found them this spring hanging in a lemon tree... I missed one the previously, hanging in a bush...

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