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Ricksindoorgarden(5A)March 1, 2013

I just set up a grow area for Bato buckets indoors and purchased 2 Apache Tech LED fixtures to cover a 30" by 9 foot area. I put the lights on a light mover to expand their effective coverage area. What is a realistic expectation in terms of how much I can expect to increase effective coverage? When the lights are hung low over the buckets they obviously cover less area and the movers make sense but when raised up to accommodate full grown plants the light coverage is over a broader area, should I be modifying the light travel to make up for this?

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They cover less but have more effective light. I read once that a fluorescent fixture without the side wings or shades loses 60% of the light for growing plants. The light spreads out when it should be directed dowmwards.

Your moving the lights around means that your plants will get different exposures to the light. It may work but it would not be something I would try. My opinion only

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Many grower use light mover; but it may cause problems with the air duct slack. If the light is too close at top of the plant; then the duct may get dragged through plant, thus damaging them.

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