broken sprouts on lilies

hostaholic2 z 4, MNApril 27, 2009

This morning, due to a broken water pipe, and a backhoe coming in a couple of hours, I had to dig several clumps of lilies mainly trumpets along with a lot of other perennials. In my haste, I broke the sprout off of 3 bulbs. My question, is it worth saving and replanting those bulbs or should I just toss them? I know I've lost the bloom off those for this year, but will the bulb survive? These are large bulbs, baseball size or larger. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

If it were me, I'd replant you stated they will not flower this year, but should be a fantastic show next year.
Depending on what got broken, you may get some green stem growth or no above ground growth this year at all.
If they have been in the ground for quite a few years, use this as an opportunity to separate the bulbs.
I know how frustrating waiting another year is, but baseball sized bulbs are fantastic.
I've been waiting 2 years for some martagon bulbs I planted, 1st year no growth, 2nd year stem growth, this year both popped up, but one stem broke off due to slugs eating through it, so hopefully will get to see a flower on the other stem this year.
Let us know how it goes.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Thanks for your response, I pretty much decided to plant them. Due to the sheer number of plants I had to get out of the way of the backhoe, the clumps are sitting in boxes in the garage. I think , for the sake of getting them back in the ground I'm going to put them on the edge of my veggie garden or in pots as it's going to take me some time to get the bed back in plantable condition.
I feel your pain on the martagons, I had about 12 buds on one last year (3rd year) finally, almost ready to open and a *#*#* deer came through the yard and ate every bud off.

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*#*#* deer! i also had accidntly broken a few stems and or sprouts off over the years. children/phone repair lady just wandered right on top of nearly mature dwarf asiatics! i thought they would certainly never come back.. next year they are coming up like little troopers! as a last resort you could propagate them using the 'scaling' method. described in the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: lily propagation

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