Is there an 'African Queen' that is not a trumpet?

linnea56(z5 IL)April 13, 2008

My current garden, a raised bed, was planted in 2004. I had lilies in the previous garden (in the same spot), but over time all kinds died out except one, which had increased very well. I had bought the bulbs from my local lily society sale and I remember the name being "African Queen". The color was a warm golden yellow; a hot yellow, not a lemon shade. I always remembered the name because of the movie. At that time I knew there were many different kinds of lilies but not what these were. I had no camera then so no saved pictures of it.

When we dug out the perennials from the old garden it was late June. Not a good time, but I was as careful as I could be. I transplanted the bulbs to the new garden. The next year there was no sign of my old African queen, and I thought it/they had not survived the move. I planted a lot of pastel asiatics in 2005 from a box of pink and white mixed bulbs, no yellows. But in 2006 up pops a lily that (I think) is the color I remember. If it IS my old lily, it took a vacation apparently, and came back refreshed.

I am trying to ID my lily but some things are not matching. I have looked up lilies named "African Queen" but what I find is a trumpet lily. Mine blooms too early for trumpets and is not really exactly trumpet formed. It is up facing and is formed more like an Asiatic, yet the petals are longer, the flowers are bigger (and with more substance) than my other asiatics. It is also much taller and the leaves are narrower.

Does anyone know if there is a lily named "African Queen" that is not a trumpet? Could it be a cross; like an asiatic-trumpet cross?

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You are right, it is not a pure trumpet. It is a Trumpet/Aurelian Hybrid Lily.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

But how old are these Trumpet/Aurelian Hybrid crosses? How long have they been around? If this is a survivor from my old garden it must be 12+ years old, maybe even 15.

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hld6(z7 MD)

The Aurelian hybrids (hybrids of lilium henri) have been around for some time.

According to the Lily register African Queen's parentage is from a "selection of Aurelian hybrids" and the Hybridizer is J. deGraaff in 1958


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linnea56(z5 IL)

Thanks! It is a knockout: very vigorous and with good substance. I don't know anything about Aurelians (or their crosses): I will have to do some research. I was just out checking what lilies have come up. Even at only 3 inches emerged the leaves (or leaf head? rosette?) are noticeably different from the orientals or asiatics. Looks a lot like a small artichoke.

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