Stargazer Lily Garden

Poodle_Mom(US 7/8)April 6, 2012

I have only been gardening for a few years and have mostly been working with easy to grow flowers. I wanted to start a flower bed in the front of my house. My husband bought me some stargazer lily bulbs (since I had Stargazers in my wedding). We planted them in the fall and they are coming up nicely. I want to have a nice year round flower bed and am wondering what to plant with the stargazers that will be in bloom now and not take away from the beauty of the lilies in the summer. I would also love suggestions on what to plant with them after they bloom. Thanks so much! Oh...I live in Greer, 7-8 and the flower bed gets full sun and plenty of water.

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Firstly, plenty of water can be good or bad, depending on the drainage (which has to be perfect = best if elevated bed). Too much water can make the bulb rot.
Secondly, it is said that lilies do not like 'warm feet', so if in full sun, it is good to plant something to shade their roots(like shallowly rooting annuals or alike).
Thirdly, Stargazer and other lilies in the same colour get quickly ugly, dirty colour in full sun, so it is actually better to protect them from hot sunlight.
Fourthly, oriental lilies like to grow in acid soil.

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