Plant Markers Made Easy

nematoadMarch 3, 2006

I raise all my veggies and most of my annual flowers from seed under lights in my basement, so I've always needed lots of plant markers. Up until last year I was always saving empty bleach bottles and Cool Whip containers for the white plastic that they are made of so I could cut them into strips that I could write plant names on with a fine point permanent marker. Well last year when my daughter was moving, she took down her vinyl mini blinds and threw tham away. When my eyes fell on them, my first thought was "How could I NOT have thought of this before!?". I brought them home and cut up several hundred 3 inch pieces and now I have LOTS of plant and pot markers with a whole lot less work. Some I cut longer and use them as row and plant markers in the veggie garden.

I know that many of you have probably thought of this before, but I have never seen it posted on any gardening website or in any magazine. Just thought I share my handy little "tip".


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dangsr(N Fla)

Hi John Im glad you found the slats now let me add a little tip to make it better. I have been useing the slats for several years but just about 3 months ago I found that to use a SHARPIE pin to write with will not fade unless it is in the sun I write on mine then put the writing just under the soil line. HAPPY GARDENING

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southern(z7 Al.)

i use paint markers. they last a lot longer than sharpies.

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maineman(z5a ME)

What are paint markers?


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soycandle(IN 5)

I'm a teacher at a middle school. The cooks in the kitchen don't hand out the little flat wooden spoons that come with yogurt and icecream cups since the kids already have spoons. Instead they save them and are so glad to get rid of them...great plant markers. Ask your local cafeteria if they'll do the same for you.


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I like the idea of the blinds. I unfortunately used wooden popscicle sticks - mistake! Mold started growing. I didn't have anything to cut up and then remembered the leftover plastic spoons from my son's party. Excellent! Wrote on them with a sharpie and were good to go! need4nature

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I use those white plastic knives from the grocery store and write on them with a sharpie. Works great, and goes into the ground fairly easily!

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you all are soo smart!! Wish i had thought of plastic knives or blind slats!! [been cutting plastic lids etc. Thanks for the good tips1

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mudbug43(z9 La)

I use a #2 pencil. I find it works better than a Sharpie. You can also erace and then re-use the plastic marker.

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What timing! I'm shopping around for a new window blind to replace the tattered one in the bathroom. I'll be sure not to throw away the old one!

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I have been using the blinds for many years. Another tip is to cut the slat in half lengthwise. They don't have that curved effect and fit better into the little cell packs. Also, much better to use a #2 pencil as it never fades and you can erase if need be.

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Yep, mini blinds work great. I saw them in use at a community garden back 06, the Master Gardeners were using them. Since I have german shepard that wants to eat the mailman I have plenty of broken mini blinds.

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I use Excel spread sheet to print labels on adhesive labels, then I put the labels on plastic plant stakes after i spray the labels with clear paint to water proof them.


1. You will never have to write on labels again, unless you plant new verieties. You can print hundreds and hundreds.
2. The same data can be used to print on small labels for seed starting and later on big labels after you transplant the seedling in ground.
3. You can print many colors to help identify groups.
4. Once you have enter the seed data, you can eaily sort them by any category you want, ie. where you got the seeds from, where you have send seeds to, date of planting, date of seed starting, quantity of harvest, date of first blossom, fruiting, ripening,---- then keep the record year after year.
5. For those of you who sell seedlings, you know you can get more money if the labels look more professional.

You can also add pictures to each veriety.

You can alphabetize your seeds, you can sort the entire seed selection by height, by color, determinate, indeterminate ------ whatever.

I have not had to write anything for many years now.


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I use the commercial plastic plant labels and a label maker that prints on TZ type tape. I can make very professional looking labels cheaply that won't fade in the sun and resist weather.

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