Orange Pixie

gshann(Z6 PA ChesCo.)April 21, 2006

I bought 5 Orange Pixies last year, and lost the blooms after about a week or so. Maybe it was close to the end of the cycle, but that's not my question. I really didn't know too much about the plant, but when I look this year, I see exactly 26 new shoots coming up for this year. I've been away for almost a week, so that number could have even grown. My question is, at what point should these plants be divided? It sounds from other related posts that it is a little late at this time of year. Is there a risk to having so many this close together? Can they be divided this early in the year, or should I wait for fall? Will the blooms for this year be compromised because they are so close? I really like the plants, but if they are going to be this prolific in their propagation, I might look for something else...

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Nancy zone 6

I bought orange pixies last season too (potted, right?). Apparently these do multiply quite quickly, because I noticed lots of bulblets & detached most of them. From experience with a pixie lily the year before, I am pretty sure that several of those babies may very well bloom this year. If yours are just now coming up, you might carefully dig & divid now without much loss of bloom, but they will do better to wait till after they have bloomed & the stem starts to die back. They should make a nice presentation when they bloom, and if you have extras you can always try trading for different lilies.

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gshann(Z6 PA ChesCo.)

I think I'm going to leave them be this year. I've returned after being away all week, and they've easily doubled in size. I can't say for sure whether all 26 (I should count again) will bloom, but I'll certainly get more than the 5 I started with. It seems like these things would make pretty nice gifts, but you're right. I'd have plenty to swap and still have more than I can handle!!

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gshann(Z6 PA ChesCo.)

This came from one plant...

I have four more of these!! Looks like I'll get blooms on more than one!!

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