Problems With my Purple Pole Beans

caffenolMay 28, 2008


I have planted Purple French pole beans in a bed of broccoli, cauli and brussel sprouts, along with that are plants to deter the bugs, Fr. Marigolds, two varieties of mints, Borage and coriander. However, something is still eating at all the leaves, what can be doing this? Please help

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Caffenol, where are you located? My best guess would be Mexican bean beetles, or Japanese beetles.

The MBB look similar to lady bugs; if you have them, you would probably find some adults, and their larvae (the most destructive stage) would be present on the underside of the leaves. photos of MBB in all stages Note that the MBB adult has a red thorax, while ladybugs have a black thorax. Ladybug larvae - the good guys - are orange & black.

The black Japanese beetles only attack leaves as adults, and if you have them, they would probably be present in large numbers. photo They are mostly found east of the Mississippi.

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