tomato yields indoors with LED

Ken_in_MichiganMarch 27, 2014


Im curious if anyone has experience that could advise what potential yields would be.

Assuming 5-7 gallon pots of good organic soil full of nutrients. Large plants. More than adequate light. Each plant having a 2'x2' space.

We'd be growing a variety of heirlooms, some would be heavier yielders than others. We've got seeds starting now. Any ideas what you would think is possible? Would 50 lbs off a big plant in 4 sq ft be unrealistic?


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You may have better luck with tomatoes with a hydroponic system, like a deep water culture system. That way you can control the hydroponic nutrients for your plant. When the plant depletes the nutrients in your soil pots, they will need to be fertilized.

There is a guy on YouTube who plants tomatoes all year long using hydroponics, named MHPGardener. He is in a green house and you are indoors, so I would imagine that if you had a good light system you should get similar results.

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Thanks for the response. I've grown hydroponically for years but we're really looking to push quality. If the soil mix didn't feed the plants thru harvest it would come pretty close. Supplemental feedings would be given as needed.

Im sure we'll do some hydro testing, it would be hard to beat the yields in soil. Paying the bills is important but growing quality and tasty organic food for our families and communities is more important.

We've started a tester garden in my basement so we'll have more info in 70 days.

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