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flower-frenzy(8a)June 13, 2013

I was wandering in my garden this morning and this particular grouping caught my eye. "Great Expectations" on the front right, "First Frost" to the left of that. Hydrangea "Bottstein" to the left of First Frost and a baby "Krossa Regal" coming up behind. Filled in with some pink impatiens. I'll probably have to move the hydrangea out eventually as the Krossa Regal gets larger, but I love it for now.

P.S. Sorry about the grubby siding!

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jan_on zone 5b

Happy happy plants! Happy happy gardener! Lovely.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Love it! Great color combination and that Hydrangea is beautiful too!


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What a great area and arrangement. The Hydrangea adds so muh color to the area and too bad you just couldn't make the bed bigger to leave it in your great arrangement. As far as the siding.. it is just shadows in the picture. Also nice edgings. Lovely

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Thank you everyone for the nice comments. It makes me happy when colors work nicely together right away. I spend so much of my time moving things around when they don't look good (although that can be fun too, and a good excuse to putter around some more!).

That's a good idea....to just make the planter bigger! There is a bit of extra room on either side. Why didn't I think of that??? Thanks, Faye. It would be nice to keep the colors going.

That hydrangea is a nice one for that spot. It only gets about 3 feet high and wide.

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