Spider Lily

flowerbrackob(z4 WI)April 22, 2007

Lycoris radiata, in my book/cat'l says Z3 - 10. In searching 'round here it seems warmer weather is advised?????

If warm is the temp they require, can I dig them up and overwinter them, like I do my Glads and Calla's?

Also: the cat'l I saw them in per my search on garden watch dog does not say too much positive 'bout Van Bourgondien. SO: if Z4 will do some-how, where can I safely order them please?

Flower Brackob

Thanks for the help in advance

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I found lots of sites and checked out a few. One of them said they suffer below 35F and the other said 28F so I wouldn't think they'll be hardy for you. As for digging them I don't think it would be beneficial to you since sometimes they sulk when moved and don't bloom for several years and at least a year. Sorry I can't be the bearer of good news. I know these don't look just alike but a thought may be that you could use Cleome/spider flower in place of the lycoris. They're really pretty and have those little spikes sticking out and come in several colors.


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