Propagation from seed ?

claveroApril 7, 2006

I'm new to the Forum. We have several Trumpet Lillies in the yard and have considered collecting seed. I searched the Lily FAQ and found this reference but could not find any follow up on the suggestion to see "How do you propagate Lilies"

Here's the FAQ quote:

2) Trumpet/Aurelian Lilies Probably the grandest and tallest of the Genus, this class of lilies are known for their towering (often up to 8 ft. tall!) stems of heavy scented trumpet shaped flowers. The familiar Easter Lily falls into this division. Easily raised from seed, most bulb companies offer seed grown strains that all closely resemble each other and share the same name; only a selected few are reproduced asexually (see "How do you propagate Lilies?"). Trumpets bloom in midsummer.

Can anyone offer suggestions for propagation from seed?

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Trumpet lilies from seed are very easy. I have about 500 or 600 seedling going right now. Here is a link to a great resource on growing lilies from seed.
Dennis From

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Thanks Dennis...exactly what I was looking for.

Steve in CA

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