Asiatic lilies---should I divid them?

elaustinApril 10, 2014

I bought clearance lilies last year, transplanted to my yard. They seem come back very we'll, but I feel a little bit crowed. There some stem are thick, but some look thin. I don't know if I should divid them to different place?

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You could probably let them grow another year or two. The smaller thinner stems may not be from competition for resources as much as it is some younger bulbs growing.

If you do decide later to dig up and separate out more, be cautious of bulbs that may have lost a few scales, but those scales might still viable, as well as any new small bulbs that may have been created.

I think I lost several plants this way, since I didn't know that's how this particular plant can divide. I sifted through the soil where the big plants were and only realized later that I may have hurt or ruined some of these smaller bulbs and scales.

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Thank you gardener8, thank you for your response. I want to divide them because I'm afraid of there are not enough space to let them grow well, but also afraid that I might loss them if do not do it in right way/time.

I think I might observe them for couple weeks or months to see how they grow then decide from there. Thanks again.

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You most definitely do not want to divide them now. Lily bulbs are quite fragile, as are the shoots that will bear the flowers, and attempting to divide them now could easily result in damaged bulbs and broken stalks. That means no blooms this season.

Asiatics can grow and bloom well in quite a crowded population. In fact, I like the look of them better when they are closely clustered - more of an impact than when more spaced out.

After the lilies flower and the stalks begin to brown and die back is the best time to lift and divide. That is usually late summer. Just dig the bulbs up carefully to prevent any damage. And replant ASAP.

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Thank you for your post, gardengal48! It helps a lot. I will not divide them this year or at least before bloom. Hopefully they can grow well. Thanks!

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I am very new to growing bulbs and other than crocus and tulips I usually buy at Walmart
I got 5 Oriental lily bulbs -are they the same as yours ?They are just coming up -planted these last June

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one more photo in other area where 3 were planted

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hello, yours look like oriental lilies.

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I also bought asiatic lillies on clearance end of last year (6 of them -- Tiny Hope).

It appears that 10 flower buds have pushed through. Will I get even more next year?

Mine are not as far up as the OP but I am in Mich. and it has just started to warm up here.

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probably get tons more :)

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My lily is already blooming, really excited. I'm wondering does it just bloom once? Then we have to wait until next year?

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Yes, it will bloom only once. After the last bud has opened and fallen away, I usually just cut off the "candelabra" - little stems where the flowers were attached so no energy is wasted on the seed pods that form at the tips. Leave the stalks and foliage to die back and turn brown naturally.

You have nice little clumps there - so much more attractive than spaced out like marching soldiers.

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