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trailer_gal(z4 ND)March 28, 2008

I have the kitchen & bath bulbs. They say output 3400 and color temp 3000 on the package. Also have the GE Plant& Aquarium which says output 1900. Does it seem like one of each of these in a fixture would be good for seedlings? They are getting leggy just being in the window. So bought these bulbs. It seems that some of my impatiens are turning a bit yellow. Other seedlings are looking pretty good. Do you think the yellow may be caused by the kitchen & Bath light being too bright? Maybe I should just use 2 of the Plant & Aquarium bulbs in the fixture? Thanks for any advice.

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'Kitchen & Bath' bulbs are the exact same thing as 'Warm
White' as far as color goes...'GE Plant & Aquarium' looks
about the same as what other companies call 'GroLux Wide
Spectrum (or WS))'

Personally i like to mix multiple types:
(this is just one example .. 4 bulb fixture)
1 - GroLux WS
1 - Daylight
1 - Warm White
1 - Cool White

i by no means always stick to that mix (although i consider
it somewhat ideal) ...really (except for Daylight & GroLux
WS) whatever i use depends on what bulbs i have laying
around at the time...

like right now i have one with the following:
1 - Plant & Aquarium
1 - GroLux (standard, not WS)
1 - Gold
1 - Daylight

but those are just for common houseplants.

For seeds that will end up outside: if they're not going to
get much natural sunlight while being started inside i've
found it seemes to help as one of the 4 bulbs to throw in a
Blacklight (the type where the bulb is WHITE (when off), NOT
black)...or a saltwater Actinic (in either of those last 2
cases its not so much for growth, but to 'harden-off' the
plants as far as UV exposure (basically to give them more
resistance to sunburn) (be careful with Actinic as it can
sometimes 'sunburn' plants)

In all cases i just use bulbs normally...haven't tried
overdriving or anything yet.

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