how much room is needed for southern peas?

lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)May 4, 2007

I set up two cow pea beds 3 X 15 that run parallel to the side of the house. With 2 feet between rows.

like this

That side of the house faces south east. There is nothing in these beds at the moment.

There is a English pea bed also running parallel to the hose right next to these beds. I planted peas every 4 inches on both sides of the trellis. The peas on the house side, have all leaped to the other side of the strings, looking for sun I suppose. This led me to rearrange my cowpea beds. My beds are lined with bricks two high, mostly to convince the dog to stay out. He is short so for the most part he stays out while I am looking.

I moved the bricks to make 4 beds 2 X 8 feet that run perpendicular to the house, like this. in an effort to supply them more sun. I was going to place a trellis about 6 feet high down the center of these beds, but I am not sure the cowpeas will have enough room. I will use bamboo poles placed a foot apart, with twine every 6 inches. The bush plants spaced every 6 inches and the viners, about every 12 inches. The cowpeas would only have 1 foot on each side of the fence.

There is 2 feet walking room between these 4 beds. Come fall, I was going to plant English peas in the same beds, but I was concerned that the cowpeas would not be done by then. My first frost date is November 15, so I was going to plant the English peas around august 15. I planted the peas sept 9 last year but they did not produce by frost. I thought if I planted the cowpeas on one side, the English peas could go in on the other when the time came.

Here are the things I was considering:

1 put the beds back the way they were.

2. leave well enough alone, I am over thinking this.

3. move the bricks again to make the beds 3 feet wide. (still perpendicular) There would still be 2 feet between rows, but there would only be 3 beds.

4. place the trellis close the edge of the beds and only planting on one side. The would give the cowpeas about 18" to spread out widthwise. They could still grow up.

If you have any ideas to help me out, please let me know. thing.

Mary in north texas

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Are the beds planted yet?

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lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)

no they are not planted yet since the beds have been a bit too wet due all the rain we have been getting this spring.

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Southern peas come in many sizes. Some are true bush and llittle more room than a bush bean. Others run all over the back forty. As long as you are planting a small bush variety, you may be ok. The larger bush and semi-vining will meet in 4 ft rows. Vining peas do better with some support. They grow alright sprawled, but they are then the dickens to pick, because you have to walk on the vines.

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