stuck protective film inside reflector-help!

ramsay22March 23, 2009

OK, I'll accept the bone head award. While changing an HID bulb this week-end, I realized that I had not removed the thin protective film from the inside of the reflector(smooth, not pebbled aluminum) after I bought it. It is quite stuck now. Any suggestions for removing it without ruining the reflective surface?

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I'm guessing the film is clear, and allows the reflective surface beneath to reflect light nicely?

It sounds like you'd be better off just leaving the film in place. Maybe test a corner to see if you can peel it, but if it won't come off nice you might as well just leave it.

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plastic is highly soluble in acetone. buy a quart of acetone and GO OUTSIDE BEFORE ATTEMPTING!!! put a cloth soaked in acetone on the plastic, and then cover it with aluminum foil so it does not evaporate. ACETONE is the strongest known organic solvent, if that does not work, then U are stuck.
Plan B, is to spray paint the reflector with chrome colored paint, such as duplicolor paint that comes in a rattle can.
I DO NOT BELIEVE in white paint - but this would be plan C.
ACETONE will NOT harm the original aluminum, that is what I would do - OUTDOORS and NO SMOKING!!!

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