My lilies baby buds turned brown .Please ,help

artemisiawormwoodApril 24, 2010

I have tall healthy looking plants from variety Oriental trumpet lilies (three of them ) in a big pot with good soil

and i water them and they have enough light .I use fertilizer

once per week and all has been good till now ,them baby buds

turned from green to yellowish and then brown .I can not understand what is the problem .I am new to the gardening

and that is my first year to look after lilies .My mother

used to have them in my native country in the garden and they

did pretty well even without a lot care .Can somebody give me

some advice what to do .Till today they have been indoors ,today is nice day and i left them outside .So i do not think so they have some illness as fungi or rust .Is it possible that i used too much fertilizer ?But i use the

same for my mini roses and they are doing well and blooming

nicely .As well i wonder if i loose those buds is it possible that plant can produce new ones ,this year ?

Leaves are without damage ,only buds seems to be problematic

for now at least .:(

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Well, first - STOP the watering and fertilizing. Once a lily bulb is planted and watered in, the bulb itself has enough stored energy to carry it through the growing, setting buds, and blooming season. You're probably turning the bulb to mush and the damage is showing up initially in the buds. The water/fertilizer requirements for lilies and mini roses are world's apart. Roses like water, but lilies can rot given too much. (Normal rainfall in decently draining soil is enough for them.)

And, no, it will not produce any more buds this season. Although lilies normally produce many buds/blooms on a stalk, once they have all bloomed out (or died out in your case), no more will be produced in one growing season.

And secondly, lilies are not houseplants. Your Mother had success with them because they were planted out in the garden where they belong.

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Thank you very much for the advice .I do know that they are not pot plants but when i bought them they had already huge green shoots and it was too cold in the garden to leave them out .I live in United Kingdom Manchester which happen to be one of the most cold and wet areas of England .And it does rain a lot that is why i have to take out them if there is sun and get them in if it rains .Otherwise they will be flooded in a pod for sure .And yes i must admit i am very new to use fertilizer so i do not have yet clue which one for what aims is the best .Still learning tho i will try to save what i can and next year i will know what to do .Meanwhile my red lilium are outside i planted them yesterday unfortunately after that it started to rain and no sun so i do worry for them as well :(Weather here is not like in my country we have very cold winter and very warm spring and summer which is perfect for them .Here it can rain weeks and weeks .
Just to add any kind of advices are welcome i spend ours to
read the forums here and i do love them i learned a lot things for many of my plants .So i will able to care better for them .

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