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OdomonsterMarch 30, 2014

Good day.

I'm new to gardening inside and would like some input. Just want something to do and throw money at; as well as have some fresh veggies. I live in an apartment with no good area for sunlight to shine on my plants. I've been reading lots of articles on lighting for indoor gardens and what type of lighting (HID or Fluorescent) and how to size lighting to what you're growing. Most articles I've read try to size bulb wattage by the square footages you plan on growing in. Then I've also read that you should base sizing off of lumens or CRI or PAR.

I plan on having two areas that are 2' by 6'. One area I plan on growing flowering plants such as bell peppers and cucumbers. In the other section I plan on growing leafy greens, onions, and maybe some herbs. I've read that Fluorescents with warm and cool bulbs would be sufficient for leafy greens, onions, and herbs and that HID (swapping between MH and HPS) would be better suited for the flowering plants. I do not plan on transplanting since I have no where to transplant.

Any suggestions on type and wattages of lights for what I plan on doing would be much appreciated. Also if you have preference on brands of equipment that would be appreciated as well.

Thanks, Chris

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Don't forget about ventilation 2x6foot area with MH/HPS will increase the temperature and probably cook he plants.

I think the suggested wattage is 30-40w per foot. So 2*6=12*30=360~watts that seems about right but I'm not sure someone else can verify.

You can go lower (1/2?) on the herb's.

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Thanks for the input Newguy27. That's what I've been seeing in most of the articles I've been reading. I just wanted to run it by some people that have been doing this for awhile and have experience in the subject not just technical or probable knowledge without testing. Once again thanks.

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