Will a 40w T12 light+7 60w work to grow

aerickMarch 9, 2008


I really need to know this because I was thinking about buying a 400watt HPS,but have no money

My question is,my set up in my closet to grow...Roses,yeah.

It is set up with a 40 watt T12 light fixture,two 60watt lamps above the soil,for the nursing part since you need to be two inches above the soil. And 6 60 watts hanging next to the T12.Combined it equals 560 watts of lighting,I am woundering if I can grow with 60watt bulbs if I have enough lighting,I keep hearing it might not work to grow with 60 watt bulbs because you need color like red lights,orange or blue lamps to grow with. My grow space is about 2x2,my full closet range is around...5'11 feet long,8 feet tall and 2 feet in width.

Please answer me back

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can you say "fire hazard". I think thats too much light in too small a space and you'll cook your rose bush. Any chance you can pull your rose bush out into the room and put a couple of 60 watt plant lights shining on it and see how the plant does. The results will depend on what your goals are with the rose bush. If you want to grow champion roses and show them at a wintertime festival then you may need a whole bunch of light. If your goal is to overwinter the bush and then sit it on your patio next springtime I believe a couple of 60W bulbs will do the trick. Good luck.

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