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JenNaturalApril 21, 2013

Hello. I'm new here. I got a Mona Lisa Oriental Lily at Easter. There were about 5 bulbs(proper term?) about to bloom. 3 did. I watched their growth and it smelled amazing in my room. They're by my window. The problem is the weather is unpredictable here in Canada, so it got cold. The bulbs and the flowers started browning. Is this a sign of over watering? Did they 'freeze'? I think I only watered once a week, but I may have put too much. Some leaves at the bottom started turning yellow.

I removed the browned bulbs and flowers, I cut them off a bit from their stems. Was this a bad idea?

I am not very knowledgeable and would like to be better informed and take great care of my plant. Do I move it away from my window because it's getting colder? Do I leave the steam and leaves there or cut it eventually?

I also had some yellow lilies, which I planted outside, after many years of them being fine in a pot. So, I'll see how that turns out. I planted a few of their bulbs, the white ones under the earth.

Appreciate it!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Welcome. I think you are referring to the buds about to bloom, the bulb is the part that is buried in the soil.. Over watering could cause the buds to wither or catching a cold draft could also do it. Cutting off the browned blooms and buds was good, even better was that you did not cut off leaves. I know some parts of Canada are zone 5, I don't know what your zone is. If you are zone 5 you may be able to get your oriental lily to rebloom next year by planting it outside when danger of frost is past. Generally most orientals don't bloom until July or August and in zone 4 or colder they often don't have enough time left after blooming for the leaves to replenish the bulb before a hard frost. In that case the bulbs of many orientals tend to dwindle away after 2 or 3 years. Having been forced your lily will yellow and then brown before other lilies growing and blooming in their normal cycle would. For now give it as much sun as possible, don't let it dry out completely but don't keep it soggy either. HOpe this answered some questions.

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Buds! Right. *face-palm* Mine bloomed in April though.. Are you saying it will bloom again soon? I thought it was a once a year thing. What fun this is. I will follow your advice. Was helpful. Thank you!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

No, it won't bloom again this year, next year it should bloom on it's regular schedule which should be sometime between mid July and mid August. It bloomed in April this year because it was forced.

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