best fluorescent bulb for non-blooming plants

ramsay22March 2, 2009

My thought is that the standard fluorescent bulbs labeled daylight or natural sunlight(5000K or 6500K)would be the best for foliage plants. I have read that mixing cool white and warm bulbs is recommended to capture both the blue and red ends of the spectrum, but if you're not trying to induce blooming, is there any benefit to adding warmer bulbs?


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My answer is partway between "who cares" and "no".

I've grown foliage type plants on nothing but the blue-spectrum CFL lights and they seemed perfectly happy and healthy to me. Redder light does help with flowering plants.

My attitude is go with what you want and can afford. With CFLs it's easy to try different configurations and just stick any bulbs you decide you don't like in the front porch light or something.

If all it grows is leaves, the 6500K bulbs are going to best promote that so I'd start out with those and maybe add some 2300K bulbs later if you want to see if it helps.

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