Pictures of High Output T5??

almax881(z8 - Louisiana)March 10, 2009

I'm looking to learn more about the high output T-5 lights. Does anyone have a picture of a HO-T5 system?

If you have grown plants under HO-T5 lights please let me know your experiences.


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Yes, T5's are the best of all the fluorescent lights. Especially the ones that get up to like 90 watts and like 6500 k. You can grow some good stuff under those. I use a t5 light fixture with 3 65 watt bulbs for my clones. It works really really well. I prefer something a little stronger for the later processes though. You can find a 400 watt HPS ballast rebuild kit that is only like 90 bucks with the bulb. It works better than any fluorescent light. If your growing plants that like getting tall then fluorescent lights are hard to use because the plant only takes in light from 6 inches of the light fixture, which obviously doesn't cover the whole plant so your not getting those bottom leaves any energy. HPS bulbs give energy all the way to six feet and the plants can get within inches of the bulb with good air flow and they wont burn. Well I hope that helped. Good luck

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