something for my lilies to play with?

amazongogoApril 23, 2008

This is only my second year to plant stargazers/lilies. Last year I had some trouble finding a companion plant with them. I'm not looking for something to "cover them as they fade". I'm looking for something to cut the leggy appearance of the lily. Something like 1/2-1/3 the height. I put in Alyssem last year and they shriveled up and died. I thought maybe I got some bad ones or something so I replaced them. The same thing happened!! It was almost like they were being poisoned..? No sign of pests or anything similar and the lighting was sufficient. The lilies were perfectly healthy and happy! Do lilies not play well with all plants?

Any ideas??



PS-I hate pansies, gerandiums, and petunias.

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Nell Jean

Salvias make good companions. Not the s. splendens that are bright red annuals, but pretty perennial salvias like salvia leucantha and many others, your choice.

I plant daylilies and true lilies together. Some bloom together, requiring careful color planning, some not, so it doesn't matter.

Roses make good companions, too.


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linnea56(z5 IL)

Are you thinking annuals or perennials? And what height are the lilies you have?

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FYI - the alyssum probably faded 'cause of heat. Lots of times transplants in full bloom look great at first. Heat does a number on them. If they manage to survive, they often put on a flush of bloom when days cool down in fall.

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I planted some perennial Baby's Breath in front of some of the lilies, looked really nice.

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