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havasuguyAugust 4, 2009

I moved to Lake Havasu in May. I bought numerous plants, rose bushes, trees, etc. and planted. Then July hit. It gets up to 122 degrees here, so you guessed it, everything I planted died. I'll probably replant everything in late Feb. 2010 to make sure it has a couple more months to establish. Which brings me to the question.

A couple weeks ago, before the extreme summer heat, before the plants died, I bought a lot of iris bulbs online. Then the other day, my $220 worth of iris arrived. (I know. I got the fever one week.) I wanted to create a good size iris garden, obviously. However, I'm concerned about planting these bulbs right now. I'm not an expert on irises, but I know they do like sun exposure. Now I'm wondering if it might be TOO much sun. Should I wait a couple weeks to plant these bulbs? (Will they live?) Should I pot them and place them in my garage for now? (dark) Leave them in the boxes they came in for a few weeks? Or just plant them in a semi shaded location outside, then move to the full sun garden area? Or just plant them in full sun, where they'll sleep safely underground until fall. I can't stand the thought of my garden investment going up in flames, literally.

All of your thoughts are appreciated.


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mike_g_(Zone 5b OH)

If I were you I would use Walter Moore's method. It is the second article on this page of my web page. It is great for hot weather areas.

Mike G

Here is a link that might be useful: Walter's Potting Method

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........excellent article. Good information since I've received nearly 100 new iris varieties this year. and the potting up method described is exactly what I do with new arrivals. I didn't know anyone else did this.

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Havasuguy -
Open the boxes, get them out of any plastic, snd put them in a cool dark place for a few weeks. This hell of a summer can't last forever.

Them plant them in mid-September or later.

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Nope, they don't stand a chance. You shouldn't even waste your time, sweat and energy. Just send them to me.

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