Oriental Lillies - I accidently broke the tip off the first shoot

InspireRealityApril 9, 2013

My lilies I planted last fall had not started to surface yet, so I attempted to check to see if there was anything growing. I went to dig up some of the top soil a bit and ended up breaking off about a 1/2 inch or so of the very tip of the first shoot starting to grow under the soil.

Did I just kill it for this year, or will it continue to grow - do you think?

Thanks for any advice!

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Generally, lilies (lilium) only shoot up one stem per year so unless it's a double nose bulb, don't expect anything this year. However, you didn't kill the bulb and it will come back up next Spring. It will be a little smaller, but it will still live and be back to normal the year after next. Sometimes they'll shoot up a small 'side offset' too, and if it does, let it grow. Many lilies fall victim to garden hoes, big feet and curious trowels this time of year.

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