strange baby foliage

RosidahApril 23, 2014

Message: I am new to planting lily. Last December I planted Asiatic lily bulbs here in Brunei that has tropical climate. They bloomed beautifully in February and had started producing bubil and bublets. However the shape of baby lily look very strange as the foliage were so huge and has no stem..

I wish to know if this is normal and I could expect the same bloom next season (the mother plants stay healthy in our climate and doesn\'t show any sign of deteriorating). Our weather doesn\'t have four seasons.

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I wonder if this is a case of fasciation? I think I would separate it from the mother plant and grow it on to see what happens.

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The little baby plant looks very normal--that's the way they look the first year. Next year it will get a stem. It will begin flowering in a year or two. You're lily will need to go dormant or have a cool rest period in between blooming. The leaves will turn yellow and fall and you can cut the stem off at that point. If you live in the tropics where the temperatures never reach 32'F or 0'C for 6 to 8 weeks, you may have to rest this lily in a refrigerator for an equal time in order for it to develop good blooms for next year.

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Thank you very much Interspecific for the info.


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Updated picture of my baby lily.

The sprout appeared from the middle part of a fully form bulb. Initially I thought it gonna have a stem. Unfortunately as it grows bigger it look more like an amaryllis leaf without stem...I wonder if this is still normal?

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this is how it looks as it grows bigger

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I believe it may be an amaryllis.

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