Pick your fave iris to recommend...:)

ctreynard(Zone 6--Chicopee, MA)August 19, 2008

Hey, all! Brand new to irises, and finally have a smallish patch of land to put them on. :) Could you recommend your fave iris? I'm looking for bold, beautiful, (rebloom or long lasting would be nice), and FRAGRANT! I'd love to be able to plant at least a couple of tall, dwarf, and intermediate.

And if you have a nugget of iris advice, I'd love that too...gardenweb is truly an indispensible resource.

Thank you for helping me to create my patch of eden. :)

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ctreynard(Zone 6--Chicopee, MA)

Whoops...forgot to ask, if you could post your fave grower as well, that would be very helpful. :)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi ctreynard,

I have grown just a few irises for some time, so don't have a lot of iris wisdom, but do suggest you reading the FAQ here, particularly Here It covers bed prep, drainage, and spacing.

It does not cover fan direction though. Here is a good read too about fan directional placement that is some 'good to know' info.

Favorite grower? This year I discovered a local grower of 1000 irises, and visited the farm during peak TB bloom time. Prices start at just $1, most are $2-$3, but run up to $30 for some recent introductions.

There is no on line site, but here is the info.

7131 E. 550S
Franklin, IN 46131-9237
Many varieties of bearded iris, daylilies, and hostas. Price list $5 refundable.

She has 1000 varieties of Iris
1,500 varieties of Daylilies
Over 400 varieties of Hosta

Next season I will probably limit my ordering to a lot of the many ones listed as reblooming. She only lists irises as rebloomers, if they have reliable rebloomed for her in the past.


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bloominganne(Atlanta 8)

Hi, I'm certainly not an iris expert but I am very much interested in the reblooming irises. I am building a collection of them to see which rebloom the best in my area. I have several starting to show buds now and Immortality (a white with a bluish cast)is blooming now. Since you are starting your own collection you might look into the rebloomers since it's pretty exciting to see iris blooming twice a year.

The website that have used for 2 years for rebloomers is linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: C and T Iris Patch

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ctreynard(Zone 6--Chicopee, MA)

Thank you so much for the advice as well as the grower info! :) I appreciate it!

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If you're looking for a specific cultivar name, I'd pick Tom Johnson. It doesn't rebloom, but it is everything else you desire plus a unique fragrance. It is excellent in every sense of the word.

Mike in SC

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First for Tall Bearded:
Dusky Challenger

For miniatures ie SDB's
1st. Bluebeards Ghost
Not particularly fragrant but blooms over a long season and is an outstanding little guy. If any sdb wins the Dykes it will be this one.

2nd Death By Chocolate
Fragrant is this little guys nickname

3rd Zoomfoomaboo
Dramatic color- wonderful fragrance-long season

IB's are a lot dependant on your tastes There are some great ones.

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ctreynard(Zone 6--Chicopee, MA)


What beautiful pictures; thank you so much for sharing. :)

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