Can someone ID this lily?

BLC63(z7 Raleigh NC)April 17, 2006
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BLC63(z7 Raleigh NC)

Let me try this again.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Looks like the beautiful fragrant Oriental lily Casa Blanca. Does it have a strong fragrance?


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I am thinking it is an oriental AUBADE... Matches the coloring.. If I remember right CAsa Blanca is all white.. It has been a year, so I might be wrong..

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BLC63(z7 Raleigh NC)

It's incredibly fragrant, from what I remember. This pic is from last year. My first time planting lilies, and this particular lily had three beautiful blooms on it. I don't think it's "Casablanca", because all of the photos I've seen of "Casablanca" show a completely white lily. I don't think it's "Aubade" either, because from what I've seen "Aubade" seems to have a creamier set yellow stripes. Who knows, though! I had thought it might be "Amazing". So far this year, the stem is up to two feet and it's early yet. I can't wait to see how many blooms I might have.

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