do we need a new definition

mrtoad(7b NC)August 13, 2009

I was thinking  wife says that is always a problem  but  the definition of "historic iris" is any iris over 30 years old seemed to be a bit dated

I have a few historic iris  one being Wabash (1936) Dykes 1940  and the reasoning is that I could add Song of Norway (1979) Dykes 1986 and keep my garden a historic iris garden  just think, in two decades Golden Panther (2000) this years Dykes winner will be in the historic garden

Should I label my garden: Old Historic, New Historic, Soon to be Historic, and Future Historic ??

Maybe it is time for the GuruÂs of the iris world to "have a look" at this label

This post is a bit tongue-in-cheek & and a bit more serious & most importantly, "not intended to offend"

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mike_g_(Zone 5b OH)

They could take it back to anything before 1900 and you could have a small garden. It is only a date. You could have a new iris with the old pre 1040 form. It would look " Historic "

I don't care for the old form on a TB. I have it on the Medians. Everyone to their likening.

Guru is a IB with pretty modern form.

There has been talk of changing things. Join AIS and put your desires to them, they will be the ones to change it.

Mike G

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carlos42180(Z5 Chicago)

If I'm not mistaken, HIPS is the one who decides the cutoff date, but ever since I've been involved with HIPS, 30 years has been the cut off date. Yes, in 20 years or so, Golden Panther will be historic.

You don't necessarily have to label your garden as anything. I have mostly historic Iris, but I also have several recently-introduced Iris mixed in. It's your call with the choices that you want to make.


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carlos42180(Z5 Chicago)

You know, I've really been thinking about this for quite some time, and I might get shot down for this, but here it goes.

In my honest opinion, 30 years is too long to denote historic status. It is very difficult to find Iris introduced even 20 years ago, unless it was very popular. I think 20 years or older should be historic. Especially in an Iris Society that goes goo-goo-gah-gah over anything new that comes out, and the old becomes chopped liver.

I have a few catalogs from the mid 80s to early 90s and I'll be hard pressed to find many of them still being grown by someone.


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