Sugar Snaps not blooming

ziyakr(6)May 26, 2013

Hi, probably a dumb question (but just read 10 pages of posts w/out finding an answer) and am hoping some of you will have ideas. I planted sugar snap peas for the first time this spring. They are in 11 gallon tubs, planted the last week of march, 4 to 5 plants per tub. The plants look really really healthy, came up fast, green green leaves, lots of tendrils and already as tall as the seed pack said they would get. I have some supports in place that they seems uninterested in, though I keep moving them back to the supports and trying to help them wind.

So, all that said, I still haven't seen a single flower or pod. I don't know what I've done wrong, as the plants seem really happy, get lots of water and sun and the temps here haven't gotten to 85 yet. Any thoughts? I had hoped to plant more as a fall crop in a few months but without pods they are really just interesting plants...

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Patience. Sugar Snap has a fairly long DTM and if you planted in March should be a June bearer. If your plants are healthy you should be on schedule. Nitrogen will retard bloom so make sure you are not adding any nitogen sources to your potting soil. Phosphate will enhance blooming so you could use something like Bloom Booster in a pinch but I think you will be fine.

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Thanks...definately a lack of patience on my part. Came home from work tuesday to find lots of blooms.

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