type of light i should use)?

friscomoleMarch 31, 2012

i have been trying to plant out side for months i have been using my jiffy 72 count green house it works great 99% growing my problem is after they grow

in about a week there 8-9 inches long stringy ,skinny and they dont make there true leafs once they grow i use a plant light Agro-lite BR30 75W

am growing or trying to grow cucumbers and tomato plants just cant seem to get them out doors

Is it my lights?

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Your post is a bit unclear, are you growing outside or inside? If inside, that weak light is the problem. Plants are thin and leggy because they are stretching for light... Even if they werent, 75w is way too little to even grow one decent cucumber plant.

Want some real results? Grab a 600w hps with a full spectrum vertical bulb, put treillises on the walls and grow your cukes that way. In a 10X10 room with 2 of these, i can grow about 15 indeterminate tomatoes, 15 cucumber plants, without using more then the width of the totes, or about 1.5 foot all around. That leaves the majority of the space free for other crops. Layer them in a stadium type shape and youll be amazed at how much can be produced indoors!

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I think that tomatoes require a cooler temperature part of the day so they don't desiccated up. Anything over 80F is not good for the flowers. Try lowering to the 60's at night and heater during the day. You might get better growth then.

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Anyone interested in used 350W metal halide high bay lights. Very reasonably priced.

email me


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